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Our Story

Our Story

In The Begining

It all started with a bet between friends in Brooklyn. Who could build the coolest bike? A simple bet builds around the love of self-expression. We wanted to make our bikes look and feel awesome. We searched high and low for parts, but after weeks of searching, it was apparent that finding cool parts and accessories was a little harder than we thought.

Our searching led us nowhere. The local bike shops, like most local bike shops, never had anything new. Even when they did, their markups were so high that we couldn't afford it.

This Led Us To Create Brooklyn Fixed Gear.

We scavenged the web for the coolest parts and accessories for your bike and brought them here. We are now proud to call Brooklyn Fixed Gear our home.

We created Brooklyn Fixed Gear while searching for parts to express our creativity. And we are proud to say it has evolved into an enthusiastic hub for not just New Yorkers, but fixed gear riders from all over the world. We're sure you will find something in our shop to help you express your unique style.

Ask Anything :)

We get asked a lot of questions over here. That means we have to spend a lot of time answering a lot of questions. So to save your time (and ours) we noted and listed our most common questions. You can find these questions here. Please read the answers to these FAQ’s carefully. If you still have questions, please feel free to shoot us a message using the contact form below. We will get back to you quick. Pinky swear. ;)

Get in touch

Need any help? Free to contact us. We are super friendly and would love to chat and feedback is always welcome!


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