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The 4130 Core-Line bike is an advanced model of the original State Bicycle Co. Core-Line, most noticeably featuring a lightweight 4130 grade Chromoly steel that reduces the overall weight of the bicycle.

The Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Series

The Golden Cycles fied gear series bikes come equipped with a flip flop hub with both, fixed gear cog and single speed sprocket.

The ZF Fixed Gear Series

The Fixed Gear Series is built whether you're an experienced fixed gear bike racer or a novice rider seeking to thrash the streets.

The Pure Original Serise

The Pure Fix Original Series, by Pure Cycles, Is known for being one of the most attractive and high-quality bikes in its class. Its clean design and features make it a great choice for both casual commuters and avid bike enthusiasts.

Track bikes like you've never seen before

At Throne Cycles we focus on bringing the best quality high performance track parts at an amazing price. We focus and pay close attention to all the details in our frames. We are located in Los Angeles California Since 2011. Thank you for visiting our website, We look forward to hearing from you. Throne Cycles is here to insure that each customer is met with the highest quality of service.

The 6KU Fixie

One Gear no Fear, that's what you tell all your friends when they ask you how many gears your bike has. Our 6KU Fixie is all about the simplicity.

The Power of Encore

Encore uses injection-molded carbon wheel bodies that are precisely machined to accept the custom-extruded aluminum rim and 7075 aluminum hubs.


The Hold Fast classic straps are gonna take you for a ride! Hold Fast Straps are designed to be stronger, more durable, and comfortable than toe-clips.