5 Easy Ways to Store Your Fixie (Apartment Edition)

Reclaim your tiny cluttered apartment

Photo depicting how to store your fixie on a wall.
Fixed gear bike hanging on wall.

It seems every year our apartments are getting smaller and smaller. And when you have a bike, you might be tempted to store it outside, risking it getting damaged or stolen. “There’s got to be a better way.”

Well, fear not my fixed geared friends because, in just a few minutes, you are going to learn five creative ways to store your fixie in your apartment, so you can keep your ride and save more space.

1. Store your fixie in the closet

A very cluttered closet.

Every apartment has a closet. So make use of it. This might seem like a no brainer way to store your fixie bike in your apartment, and some of you might have tried this with little success, but have you consider removing the rear wheel? It’s really easy to remove the front wheel of a fixed gear bike, especially if you have a quick release. So try removing the front wheel and have another go at it.

And If you know you won’t be using your bike for some time, why not remove the handlebar too. Then you will really be able to get it in there.

If your closet is just too packed, there’s a solution for that. Get yourself some flat storage containers. You can find these containers in just about any size. They are made specifically to slide under your bed. This could be the closet space saver you were looking for. And if there is no space left under your bed, how bout under your sofa? That should free up a ton of closet space while keeping your items out of sight and organized. 

Free up closet space for your bike by storing items in or under your bed.

2. Place Your Fixie on A Balcony or Patio

If you have any outside space, such as a balcony or patio, use it! That’s premium storage real estate you can use to store your fixie. Just roll the bike right outside and enjoy your new-found space. 

For security, you should still lock your bike into place, especially on a ground or second-floor patio. If space is limited, you could install a hook in the ceiling of your balcony or patio, and hook your bike onto that. 

If you are going this route, do not forget to protect your fixie against the elements. Cover it up with a tarp or any other protective material.

3. Hook your fixie on the wall

If you are running out of floor space, consider mounting your bike on the wall. Bike wall mounts come in all shapes and sizes. If discretion is a concern, grab some small hooks and install them in the corner where the won’t draw too much attention. 

Or display your bike above your couch or fireplace like you would a portrait. If you have a sweet setup, you should relish the idea of displaying it prominently likes the artwork it is and store your fixie on the wall. If you can’t hide your bike, you might as well have fun with where you hook it. 

These hooks are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Try not to hang your fixie by the wheel as you’d risk of accidentally bashing the spokes when storing it. Instead, hang the bike by the frame or handlebars.

There are some stunning wall mounts out there that are super sturdy and can be used as extra storage. These are a bit expensive, but they look amazing. A stylish wall mount can make for a nice conversation piece. Assuming your guests are cyclists. Non Cyclists will probably not even notice it.

Looking for a DIY solution? Check out this post from that explains how to properly hand a bike on your wall. Or take a look at this video from Global Mountain Bike Network that breaks down some awesome DIY solutions for wall mounting your ride.

DIY solutions for wall mounting your bike.

4. Hook Your Fixie on Ceiling

So you’re out of floor space, and no wall space. Well, how about the ceiling. There are a ton of bike ceiling mounts that will allow you to store your fixie on the ceiling, saving you space. 

Considering fixed gear bikes are some of the lightest bikes in the world, storing and retrieving the bike should pose no challenge at all. 

There are some fancy and sophisticated ceiling mounts out there, but they can be expensive. So If money is a factor, you can always mount your fixed gear to the ceiling with small hooks to hold the bike. I definitely recommend using two hooks as one might not be enough to hold the full weight on the bike. You can also use more than one hook to lay the bike flush against the ceiling.

I should mention that if you are going to go this route, please consult a professional. You don’t want this to be a DIY weekend project that ends up falling on you a few days later. Take the precaution and have a professional do the installation. 

Don’t let this cat be your bike. Hire a professional.

5. Conceal Your Fixie with A Tasteful Bike Cover

This is by far the easiest solution. If you don’t want to worry about leaving your bike outside on a balcony, patio, or stress about mounting hooks to walls, consider just leaving the bike out in the open. There are fun & stylish bike covers available online that allow you to cover the bike with fun colors and prints. This way, you don’t have to see your bike, but you don’t have to worry about mounting it or giving up more valuable space in your apartment, either.

Bonus: Store your fixie under the stairs

Does your apartment come with stairs? If it does, you are in luck. The space under your stairs makes a great storage area for your bike. This space is called a spandrel, and it is often used as a closet. You can slide your bike right in the spandrel or use hooks to hang it up. 

Store your fixie next to the stairs
Black fixie leaning next to stairs.


Hopefully, these tips help you find some ideas on ways to store your fixie in your apartment! Sometimes we just have to get creative with the storage. 

Key takeaways: 

  1. Hide your fixie in the closet
  2. Store your fixie on a balcony or patio
  3. Hook your fixie on the wall
  4. store your fixie on ceiling
  5. Conceal your fixie with a tasteful bike cover

So, where do you store your fixie? Let us know in the comments below. Want more fixed gear tips and content? Click here to see all of our blog posts. Thanks for reading, and stay fixed.

Written by Yerain Abreu

Yerain is the owner and operator of this fine website. As a native New Yorker, Yerain is no stranger to the fixed gear scene. He was there in 2008 when it was hot, and he's still riding fixed–day in, day out. When he’s not on the bike, you can find him practicing his many hobbies including, cycling, video production, and photography.

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